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Watched the Jungle Book 2016 (mild spoiler Kaa related alert)

*Scroll down if you want to know*

So basically yeah... all of Kaa's appearance was literally 1 minute, and the entire scene can be summed up in the gif. Baloo saves Mowgli in like a 3 second clip that shows him biting Kaa in the ass and then it just ends with Mowgli waking up in Baloo's cave safe and sound. 

It was pretty fucking disappointing seriously, but I guess Disney didn't wanna harp on Kaa too much probably because of fetish fanbase, I seriously don't see any other reason that Kaa out of all the characters, was in the movie for seriously 1 minute.

It didn't show any coiling, hypnosis... it didn't show anything, it just literally shows Mowgli talking to the snake like the previews, then suddenly there's a flashback of him as a baby? Then 5 seconds after the flashback is over, Kaa is coiled around Mowgli... JUST like the gif, and then when she goes to eat him... it ends with Baloo.

Pretty lame. 3/10 at best. 


United States
So recently I (being easily one of his longest and most loyal supporters he's ever known) made a comment on his profile pretty much asking him what the heck was going on since he's really only good for providing updates once every 6 weeks on average.

So while he's really done nothing wrong at all in my book, he has done me and the others who have actually donated hard earned money to him to "support" him through all these years a disservice, and really have nothing to show for it and it's irritating to say the least. 

He claims I've disrespected him and "over time given an attitude" and apparently I've been asking him to be my "personal 24/7 servant" over the years with bombards of notes and comments which is entirely untrue.

If anything, I've sent him a set of notes in regards to my most recent donation of $90... which the proof is right here... not hostile, not being a jerk.. nope, just being an idiot and sending a con artist more money than he deserved.

It's of course my fault to begin with of course, I knowingly took the risk and mistakenly trusted him to stay true to his infamous "coming soon" promises. But "coming soon" just wasn't cutting it anymore. Since then we've yet to talk... I don't send him status updates, I don't bombard him with comments because they'd be visible all over his word, in fact you can see in the above picture that was the only time we really had discussions via notes. Nope, he's plain and simply a pathological liar that provides empty promises to the masses. 

I'd highly recommend anyone else to stay away from donating to him, definitely do support him and favorite the images, that goes without question, but don't make the mistake like I did and spend well over $100 over the years supporting him. According to his most recent updates, he's taking a break and wont be tolerating people like me since he's apparently above anyone questioning his painful silence over the past few months. I'm sorry, taking a break from WHAT exactly?  The bi monthly updates? The 1 second gifs or photo manips? This is Voreville all over again.…

There's a painfully obvious pattern there and it just sucks to see, yeah I'm definitely butthurt because of the fact that I didn't get the results that were promised, but more upset with the fact there was just absolutely zero communication.

Sorry, call me a jerk but if you ask for money (several times) and people give it to you because you're promising to provide a service, then at least have some status updates as to why you're not doing what you promised. Again, sorry but 1 gif every 6 weeks isn't cutting it, and I'm really sick of seeing "Please donate just a little more money to help, I'm soooooo close". "So close" has been so far away since you first promised "so close" 3 years ago. 

Don't get me wrong he can be a good guy at times and I've long supported him... but his many "Returns" and "coming soon" (but coming soon with an update once every 2 months?) just wasn't cutting it for me, and I definitely feel like I've got a right to say something for all the reasons mentioned above. Although we've had a pretty good relationship in the past despite what he said... it's time to face the facts and realize this guy is just never going to produce like he's said, I've been patient for 3 years but it's time to call it quits with him. 

Mature Content

Return of THE COILS by TheCoils

So that ends my little rant, moral of the story is just stick to commissions from well respected people and be careful who you donate to. 

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