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Disclaimer: These stories are NOT I repeat NOT made by me. They're made from a user who no longer contributes as far as I know, from an old Yahoo group.

Be My Valentine/Lara,
by Py, © 12/11/2001,


1. The voluptuous actress came home from a hard day’s work at the studio. The special effects guys on the sequel were really working her hard. Distance shots could be a stunt double, but close ups either had to be her or a virtually identical body double, especially considering the form fitting outfits she usually wore over her hourglass shape during the movie. She had learned to do most of her own stunts, this cost the movie makers more for safety measures, plus planning to shoot around her while she recovered from any injuries. But the audience ate it up and the studio was thrilled, as long as every precaution was taken. Computers and blue screen helped enormously, allowing for flying debris which would normally cut her to pieces if the stunt were shot live. Still, it was fun to be Lara Croft, to go through a scene and kick butt with various weapons or fighting skills, not depending on someone to save her. She managed to work out a lot of frustration during rehearsals or sometimes actual filming, imagining the bad guy was whoever she was most mad at recently, such as her agent, director, or weasel old boyfriend.

Of course their were the fringe benefits also, getting paid to learn how to fight with various trainers, and learning all sorts of weapons from guns to high tech equipment, traditional swords, arrows, etc., getting paid to stay in shape, doctors watching her every health concern, a new home and car, and lots of adoring fans, etc.. The difficult parts were the autographs, the hiding out to have dinner at a restaurant, the disguises just to travel, or the occasional bomber threat or stalker making the fans as bad a thing as good. Then there were the PR things, most of them were okay such as doing the talk shows, but some were annoying, and maintaining her figure was more important than ever now. It was no longer just a good idea, but part of the character. The large breasts and hips were easy to maintain, the thin waist was the tough part. On Talk shows she always got big cheers and hoots from studio audiences, and the hosts were good, but too often she had to show off either her figure or do a stunt. Nothing too dangerous of course, usually beating up a few men the talk show hired. And of course, sometimes she had to show up in costume as Lara Croft ready to kick butt for a planned demonstration, one time having it thrown at her as a surprise. She couldn’t very well refuse and look wimpy, so had to kick off her heals and kick butt while in a black dress with an ankle length skirt, fortunately with high slitted sides so she could move.


She is fully aware of the problems many develop in hollywood, identifying with a fictional character so much as to begin to think and become them, especially if their character is strong. Already she felt the pull, beginning to think like Lara Croft, thus becoming her at least sometimes. Being a big name, at least for now, helped her to look into this phenomenon quietly, although discovery was a reporter away. The internet made it easy to be anonymous though. Through her net connections she had talked to a number of other celebrities with similar problems, including the actresses who played Xena, Elvira, and a few others, and even a small time celebrity impersonator who specialized in the 60’s Batgirl. She actually had met this last one at a restaurant, and they had talked over lunch at her place after the limo driver ditched the reporters that had spotted her. The conclusion she had come to, it was okay to let your character have an influence in your personality, even be that character occasionally, as long as it didn’t take over your life.

The part that bothered Lara was that many of the people she had spoken to talked of a recent terrible nightmare, one that they wouldn’t talk in detail about, and how similar nightmares had continued to reoccur since. The Batgirl impersonator had been the only one to go into more detail, but saying only that in her dream she had been killed in her own home by a giant rubber toy snake named Kaa, after in real life receiving it in the mail as a Thanksgiving gift from an unknown person. The whole thing had seemed too strange, and had made Lara skeptical although she had hidden it, but not so much since a huge mysterious crate had been delivered to her today. The card on top said, ‘Be My Valentine, A Friend.’. Who was this friend, she had called around and learned nothing, not even the delivery company would talk. “So, I open it and there’s a big rubber snake inside, right?!” she said to herself then opened the box with a crowbar. Sure enough, a huge green and black rubber snake toy was curled up inside, at least 30 feet long she guessed, and over 35 if the stories she had gathered were correct. Lara opened the lid wide, then put the crowbar on the floor of her private gym. A few minutes later she returned with a good sized gun in hand and machete on her belt, “Okay, if that’s your game, let’s dance Kaa!”

Two minutes later Lara was feeling kind of silly. Nothing had come out of the box, peeking in the snake hadn’t moved a muscle. She briefly dug inside, the fingerless mitt on one hand blocking some of her feeling of the toy snake. With some effort she pulled the entire snake out and laid most of it on the fine wood floor, and some on the mat which covered most of it. She considered cutting off Kaa’s head, but convinced herself that such would be ridiculous, and she wouldn’t give in to such stupid fears. A small part of her protested greatly though, and this kept her alert at least.


Lara was dressed in denim shorts and a dark blue tank top, her outfit for today’s movie work. Later she might need to show up somewhere, she had no date tonight, so would make the best of having time to herself. Relaxing her guard a bit Lara left the gun and machete on a small table near the crate. Then kicking off her sneakers she went onto the mat area and began her workout. First she began with standing stretches of her limbs, then some simple rolling, splits, walking on her hands, limbering her body and warming her muscles. Then she graduated to the balance beam, vaulting the horse, the uneven parallel bars, some boxing with a large punching bag and gloves, then working a small punching bag suspended at about her head’s height, rapidly hitting it and keeping it in constant motion. After that she did a little jump rope, back to the big bag for some kick boxing, and then some martial arts kicking, throwing, and punching with a dummy she called Ralph.

She was working up a sweat, her long dark brown hair sticking to her shoulders and neck, so Lara grabbed a towel to dry her hands with, then began climbing a rope which dangled from a hook in the ceiling 20 feet above her. Using her arms to pull herself up a short distance, then resting her weight on her legs which were twined securely in the rope, she slowly inched her way up. First one hand, then the other, then pull her body up and move her legs entwining them again, and she slowly inched her way to the top. Her agent hated when she did anything like this, the uneven bars, the hoops, or anything where she might fall and get hurt, especially when she was alone like this. However Lara was confident in her abilities, and the matting was thick and took the worst of any falls. In the past she had sprained ankles and wrists, but had never broken a bone or otherwise seriously hurt herself.

From her height she looked down at Kaa. The huge green and black snake lay roughly in a circle, it’s center obviously much thicker than it’s ends. Lara had only vaguely noted the head being bigger than her own, and it’s middle about a foot or more across. It was very realistic looking, except the head and face which was not quite normal, and not quite the cartoon Kaa. When she lifted parts of it, the segments of body had not been stiff but instead moved as a real serpent might, and although it was hollow the walls were thick enough to avoid easily indenting. So, in all ways it seemed like a real snake, except it’s texture was unmistakably rubber. Not at all like a stiff rubber car tire, but clearly rubber. Someone had paid a lot to have it made, so who the hell had sent it to her was the question.

With all these thoughts running through her mind Lara began her way down. Her arms ached from the rope climbing, even her legs protested. As her muscles complained more than usual, Lara became aware that today perhaps she should have skipped the rope climbing. Still 15 feet in the air Lara lost her grip with her hands, her legs trying to hold her in place. However the weight of her body as it went downward, combined with the fatigue in her legs, made them also pull free of the rope. She screamed briefly, then all was quiet as she struck the mat with a thud.


2. Lara wasn’t sure how long she had been unconscious, but woke to someone yanking on her leg. She rolled with a small groan, then scooted back in sudden wide eyed alarm. Kaa released her foot from his jaws, “Are you alright? That was quite a fall you took.” Lara had managed to move backwards on her rump a considerable distance before being stopped by the large punching bag behind her. “Please, try standing.” Kaa said in his smooth voice which seemed to come straight from the cartoon. His innocent request, plus being stopped briefly in her escape, and wanting to get away faster, all combined to make Lara try to stand. Almost immediately she fell back to the mat. Now she became more aware of a pain in her left ankle and wrist. The wrist wasn’t too bad though, and with effort and using the large punching bag to cling to she stood. Once on her feet remaining upright required Lara to favor her bad foot, but she was able to limp along.

At first Lara kept away from Kaa, but he made no threatening moves. There was something about Kaa she had learned lately and was supposed to remember, she knew that much but couldn’t think of it. She had no idea how fast snakes could move if she were beyond Kaa’s striking range, but guessed he was easily fast enough to catch a limping Lara. However, she was quickly losing her fear, something about Kaa’s eyes and voice were so soothing. “Why don’t you have a seat and tape up that ankle.” Kaa said calmly. “It’s distressing when foo, I mean someone has an injury.” It seemed like a good idea, and Lara limped over to a small padded armless couch near the wall. Lara lost track of Kaa on her journey, but shortly after she sat down his head popped up next to her. In Kaa’s mouth he held the handle of a small box with a large red cross on it taken from under her seat, and he placed it next to her on the couch. “Why thank you!” Lara said sweetly. Kaa seemed to look at the ground, “Oh, least I can do before,,... Say, mind if I check out your gym?” Feel free.” replied Lara as she opened the first aid kit.

This was very strange thought Lara, here she was bandaging and taping her ankle, while watching a huge rubber snake checking out her exercise equipment. She did her work slowly, partly to be sure to do it right, partly to have time to see what Kaa did next. He checked out the large punching bag, the vaulting horse, and the parallel bars which Kaa seemed to like as he wound from one to the other like the branches of a tree. She was concerned for him over by the weights, then realized that concern was an odd response. Somehow Lara knew that she should be scared witless, and thought perhaps it was just shock from her fall and the pain of her injuries. But regardless, it was hard to be scared of Kaa, especially while watching him playing like a child.

Lara stood cautiously. Her ankle hurt, but not too badly now, similar taping of her wrist had also helped. When she walked Lara still had a limp, but she could manage. Her agent was going to be pissed though, not to mention the movie people. However she still felt a bit indignant, they also wanted her to stay in shape, and how could she without working out, and this accident would have happened even with someone here to help her.


Lara was beginning to feel a bit nervous again, something she was supposed to remember which she had learned recently nagged at the back of her mind, and she slowly edged over towards the door. She heard Kaa’s voice “Don’t leave yet, come over here.” Lara stopped dead, turned and felt compelled to go to him. That odd voice in the back of her mind screamed for her to stop, but she couldn’t help limping over towards Kaa. The serpent was elevated, most of his body entwined on the uneven parallel bars, his front 3rd and head passing through several sets of large hoops suspended from the roof by chains. The hoops were above her hand height to allow her to jump and grab 2, then swing and work her arm muscles, normally a male exercise but she used them occasionally. Kaa was straddling all 3 sets of large hoops which each varied only in height off the floor by a few inches. Segments of Kaa hung down, and the hoops moved slightly as his body did.

His head came down to look her in the eye, “Nice equipment you’ve got here, but playtime is over, time to eat.” Lara backed away a step, “Eat, I can get you a sandwich or something.” “Or something sounds good.” Kaa replied. “Don’t move.” Kaa said in a somewhat stern tone. Lara tried, finding it hard to disobey Kaa, almost as if hypnotized. The first problem was just wanting to move, something in her wanted to obey Kaa. The other problem was her body, try as she might Lara only managed to move her feet a few inches. She understood now that this was no game, and Kaa had nothing good up his sleeve, that is if he had possessed sleeves he’d have had nothing good up them. Right now Lara knew she had to get control of her body before Kaa struck. As it was her exercise hoops were buying time, Kaa was having difficulty reaching her, he couldn’t just slide off them like a branch. Kaa was like a thread through the eye of several needles, and he had to back out of some or push through. “Damn things!” Kaa muttered as he began to back out, the hoops moving and swinging with him making it difficult.

By the time Kaa had been able to back his head and front section out of 2 hoops, Lara had managed to take a few steps backward. She was too close to his head though in her opinion, and her movement kept her passing alongside his length. “Where do you think your going?” Kaa said as he looked back at her. “Away from you!” Lara replied sharply. Kaa talked in a playful tone, “Oh my, she’s getting away from me, and I’m stuck in these rings while she limps backward past the parallel bars.” Lara had no time to react as part of Kaa’s rear half fell upon her, and she barely kept from falling as a coil formed around her waist. She screamed and tried to pry it off with no luck, and another coil formed around her chest. The squeezing didn’t begin immediately, Kaa didn’t want to try that while backing himself out of the rings. Finally he was out though, most of his weight looped over one of the 2 uneven parallel bars, while 2 coils hung down from the higher bar to hold Lara. Quickly he dropped more of his length down to ensnare her, catching one upper arm also in the process.


Lara gasped as she stood there and the coils grew tighter. She tried to pushed the larger one crossing her chest away with no luck. As her breaths became smaller due to the coils relentlessly growing tighter at each exhale, her lungs began to ache and limbs began to tingle from lack of air. Her legs grew weak, she wanted to fall, but Kaa was holding her upright. Then a new coil formed around her legs, and he lifted her off the floor. She lay suspended in midair under the large parallel bar, almost horizontally as if in a hammock, except this hammock was steadily squeezing the breath out of her.

Kaa slowed his constriction, letting Lara linger in his grip while pulling many small rapid breaths, then when she was on the point of passing out he loosened his grip. Still held by Kaa and suspended over the floor Lara sucked in air greedily, sluggishly beating on him a few times with her gloved hand, then called for help in a weak voice. Kaa began constricting again, Lara’s feet kicking a little but Kaa held her legs just above the knees. Again her breaths grew short, her body began screaming for air., and once more Kaa relaxed his grip before she passed out.

Lara sucked in some air, and shortly managed to squeak out, “You like to toy with your victims, so why not let me go and chase me.” Kaa moved his head close, “Now why should I do that?” Lara coughed, “Make me think I have a chance, maybe I can get away. How fast can a limping woman who’s oxygen starved get?!” Kaa considered, “Hmmm, hope first then despair when I catch you, it would make things more interesting, and a bit more flavorful.” After some thinking Lara found herself released and dropped to the mat, “I’ll give you 20 seconds.” Kaa announced.

For a couple of seconds after her fall Lara simply sucked in air, then she crawled to a vertical bar and used it to rise to her feet. As she stood Kaa looked her in the eye, his body shifting for a fast pursuit, “15 seconds, better get moving.” Lara turned and limped for the nearest door, having trouble just standing at this point so moving slowly. “here I come!” Kaa announced, which spurred her into moving faster. Five steps later Lara was knocked down, huge coils rolling her as they encircled her weakly struggling and screaming form. Again the slow constriction, the coils growing tighter with each exhale. Her mouth hung wide as she lay on her belly gasping for air, then Kaa rolled her to her side as his grip tightened.

Finally with her chest unable to expand for air, Kaa released her again, “That was fun, how about 40 seconds this time. Lara coughed and barely moved for the first 10 seconds. Kaa sighed, “Maybe your almost ready to be food, you’ve already wasted 10 seconds. Coughing, Lara got to her hands and knees and began crawling, her long dark brown hair hanging to either side of her head and neck. She briefly considered trying to stand again, but thought the effort would be better spent crawling towards the door. Once there she could crawl through, then slam it behind her and be safe. Almost to the edge of the mat Lara heard what she dreaded, “Ready or not, here I come.”

Lara tried to put on a burst of speed, but was caught at the mats edge, finding herself hit in the back by lengths of Kaa which quickly encircled her, and rolled her away from the door. Lara weakly struggled, her hands and elbows remaining free and striking wood. “So close.” she thought to herself. Kaa looked down on her half sitting form as Lara tried to escape his coils, “Yes, that was fun, but your very tired and we’re close to the door, I must finish you now.”


3. Lara was gasping in the tightening grip of Kaa, turning and twisting with more last minute strength than the rubber snake expected at this point. Still, her struggles were feeble, and growing weaker by the second. Lara found one of the armless couches and tried to drag herself up, then felt around the table next to it, desperately gasping while feeling for anything. Kaa sighed, “You don’t give up, do you? I like that, but don’t you think enough is enough.” “Not... quite... gasp.” Lara managed to say. Then she turned, sliding to her rump, raising the gun to Kaa’s head and into his mouth. “Oh shit!” Kaa said in a muffled voice, then a gunshot rang out and his head blew apart. The last thing Lara thought was that the tight coils wouldn’t relax in time, and she would die anyway, but at least Kaa would be dead.

Some time later Lara’s agent came to her home, disturbed by repeatedly getting no answer to the phone, and knowing the actress was home. Getting no answer but seeing her car in the driveway, he broke in. He found the actress unconscious on the floor, and after verifying that she was alive, he immediately called for help. The emergency unit took her to the hospital, the police checked everything, questioning the agent extensively on what he saw and what he moved or touched.

Lara woke in the hospital, the dream somewhat unclear at first in her mind. The doctor’s pronounced her fine, but they couldn’t explain her fainting spell, nor the funny bruising on her body. They kept her at the hospital overnight for observation though, then sent her home with pills for her pain. Reporters were all over the story, and Lara told them only that she had fainted in her private gym. She never told them of the giant rubber snake which came to life, nor of the police taking it away. She couldn’t understand it all herself, in her dream Kaa had tried to kill her, and in real life the giant rubber toy snake hadn’t moved a muscle, still laying right where she had left it after removing it from the crate. That much made sense to her, but what didn’t make sense was how Kaa’s head looked like it had blown apart from the inside. She remembered doing that in the dream, yet her gun was fine, all the bullets were in the chambers according to the policewoman who took it for evidence.

Lara dismissed it all as a weird dream, the police thought that maybe an explosive device in the snake’s head had gone off knocking her out, but at her request and with no signs of an explosive, they agreed to give the press no comment. Nobody noticed over the next few months, that dozens of people who had been plagued with bad dreams after Kaa’s visit, were now no longer bothered by them. Except of course the various psychiatrists, psychologists, and best friends that had been listening to their problems, but not knowing of other similar cases they failed to make a connection.


In the cartoon world the woman known as Sheena, dressed in her usual one piece leopard skin outfit, her long blonde hair as well maintained as ever, sat on a rock in the jungle. Her knife was out as she whittled a long stick she was making into a spear, as her ears caught the faint gasping sounds of the woman struggling in Kaa’s coils a short distance away. Sheena sliced a twig off the stick, “So, haven’t seen you around here for a while, where have you been? One of the other jungles, maybe the one bordering that beach where you can usually find easy pickings?” Kaa tightened his coils a bit as his tall blonde prey with the large eyes and mouth exhaled, “No, I found a wizard to put me into a toy snake in the real world. I was trying to gather enough energy to stay by stealing it from people’s dreams. Y’know, victims experience great fear and often death in the dreams, and I feed on the released energy.” “So, what happened?” Sheena asked with a shrug. Kaa hung his head, “My last victim blew my head off when I was trying to make the psychic connection! With my dream self destroyed, it threw me back here, broke all the psychic links I had already made, not to mention damaged the object I had taken over so I can’t return until I locate a suitable replacement. How many giant snake objects do you think are in the real world for me to take over, not many let me tell you! And getting control of minds in the beginning to set up the whole delivery thing wasn’t easy either.”

Sheena sighed and tested the balance of the stick she was making into a spear, “You should try to be happy here, I don’t see your problem with this place, at least it’s safe. If we die eventually someone draws us again and we’re back. Even if they don’t draw us we seem to come back after a while.” Sheena pointed, “Like that one there your planning to eat, she’ll be back sooner or later, as good as new.” Kaa sighed as the muscles rippled making his coils contract a bit more, “Yes, it’s convenient that way, sorta like chinese food in reverse, after a while you can eat the same victim again.” “If it weren’t for that, and the fact I’m off duty today, I’d have to stop you. I am a heroine Y’know.” Kaa squinted, “You really think you could save her, I think I could kill both of you at the same time.” Sheena laughed lightly, “You wish, I’m queen of the jungle, you wouldn’t stand a chance! But, lucky for you it is my day off!” “How convenient.” Kaa drawled sarcastically.

Sheena furrowed her brow, then continued her work with the spear, tossing it up a few times before whittling some more, “So, where did you get her, didn’t you just get back.” “I was hungry.” Kaa replied. “getting kicked out of the real world takes it’s toll. I found this one in the bar where all the Japanese anime characters hang out, she’s some sort of scientist’s gorgeous but somewhat brainless daughter.” Kaa relaxed his grip to let his latest victim breathe a bit, and after some renewed struggling he began to squeeze the breath out of her again. Sheena shook her head, “Playing with your food again, hasn’t anyone told you that’s a nasty habit?!” “Occasionally.” Kaa replied. Sheena stood and threw her spear into the nearby bushes, “Not bad.” Kaa raised his head and looped some of his free coils on the ground, “Still room for one, and I really could use the energy.” Sheena’s eyes grew wide and her pupils became small points as she stared into Kaa’s swirling gaze, then she dropped her knife and casually walked into Kaa’s coils. Kaa secured Sheena in his muscular loops of serpent length, then released his hypnotic grip of Sheena as his coils grew tight around her, “Nothing personal, I just need to eat, and as they say, you can’t eat just one.”

The End
Disclaimer: These stories are NOT I repeat NOT made by me. They're made from a user who no longer contributes as far as I know, from an old Yahoo group.

Merry Christmas/Xena
by Py, © 11/29/2001,


1. The hot poker stirred the fire in the brick fireplace, the woman using it holding a glass of eggnog in her other hand. She smiled, it had been some time for her away from the bright lights. A few years, but in the media that could be an eternity. Fortunately her agent had kept her name alive, not to mention all the well received reruns of her TV show. These 2 men and 2 women brought her more offers to renew her Xena character. They ignored the fact that Xena was dead, she had died several times before, and a little thing like death didn’t stop her. The offer being put forward today was for a Xena big budget movie special, one where she comes back to life for 2 days to save poor unfortunates about to be trampled by another warlord army. The woman thought that she would do it, although let her manager try to get more money out of the deal. Residuals from the TV series were more than enough to keep her in a comfortable life style for the rest of her life, assuming the reruns remained popular.

Other offers had been for a Xena book called ‘I really am Xena’, also a record featuring ‘Xena sings’, with stuff from the show, original material, and a few classics. Many other offers had been made, and she could accept more than one, providing the contracts didn’t conflict. Accepting all or most of the deals was not out of the question for her, if the money was good enough and the scheduling permitted. She particularly liked the credit card commercial, where Xena in full warrior princess battle gear goes around causing mayhem, chakram flying and sword chopping off the heads of warriors while she kicks butt left and right. Until the warlord holds up the credit card with it’s low interest rate, thus warding her off to the sound of her disappointed groaning. Not an original concept, one in a series of almost duplicate commercials, but still it looked fun to do.

Of course, nobody quite understood how the character had gotten to her over the years, constantly playing Xena on and off screen. As far as she was concerned she was Xena, although fortunately restrained somewhat. It was a personality quirk she had come to live with, and could easily suppress at times like this when her modern self needed to deal with modern people. Fortunately she balanced things well, her family never suspected. These times she took off alone just to bee Xena labeled her as just another hollywood recluse, although it was more like taking a couple of weeks vacation from herself 2 or 3 times a year. During those times the Xena in her roamed free, except for usually dressing normally, and of course being part of her, Xena and the woman shared knowledge of things from modern appliances, to things learned for the show such as weapons. How could they not, it was not a personality split, just her liking to become Xena for a break from things. Right now was just one of those minor interruptions, she had to deal with these people about business, and on Christmas Eve no less.

It was still early evening when they left, the celebrity saw them to the door, Xena closed and locked it. Her bright blue eyes twinkled as she sighed, “Finally!” She then wasted no time in gulping down the remainder of her eggnog. Xena checked herself by throwing the eggnog glass in the air, having no trouble catching it with one hand. Deciding that she hadn’t been impaired too much by the brandy in it, she ran off to her bedroom. It was a warm Southern California early evening, things were dimming but the sun hadn’t fully set yet, she decided that there was still time for a swim. That would loosen her muscles nicely before possibly a shortened workout in her private gym, then shower and read part of a script before bed. She felt a shiver run down her spine, not sure if that was from the anticipation of the workout or the swim, or from the eggnog.

Some time after Xena had dressed and gone out to the pool area, a large crate next to the Christmas tree began to open. It had arrived earlier, all of Xena’s friends swearing they hadn’t sent it, and didn’t know who had. The address sticker gave only the return address of the delivery company, and the card that came with it said, ‘Merry Christmas, A fan’. The large rubber snake inside, which they had taken out briefly an measured, was greater than 35 feet long. It was lightweight and hollow, it’s middle nearly as wide as one of the petite women who had come over that night. It’s head was bigger than a persons, and the whole thing looked very real, except the head wasn’t quite right. Her guests verified that the mottled green and black snake looked like Kaa from the ‘Jungle Book, a movie she had never seen, although not quite in the face which looked more serpentine, and the colors were wrong for the character. The rubber was hard enough so that it didn’t cave in, yet soft enough to feel similar to a real snake. It must have cost the fan hundreds of dollars, much more if it had been specially made.

Kaa slowly slithered out of the crate and onto the carpeted floor, gritting his rubber teeth as the nails of the crate scratched him. The scratches would heal almost immediately, that wasn’t the problem, it was the discomfort. He had done this now dozens of times, and half the time people left him in the crate with the top still on. Fortunately they loosened it by opening it the first time, or he might not get out. But they were always curious, and never closed the crate securely afterwards. Still, he wondered if maybe the people at the delivery company under his hypnotic control could develop a trap door for him.

Leaving the cartoon world to possess this rubber snake was wonderful, but things like pain weren’t. Cartoon pain wasn’t quite so bad, but at least it was short live for him here just as there. The other problem was having to get close to a target, this meant being delivered, and getting out later which was usually easy. Then invading their dreams at short range to establish the dream link, so that in the future he could direct and feed off their dreams from a distance. One day Kaa hoped to be so full of power that he could leave the cartoon world forever, and move freely around the real world. Which reminded him of the crate problem, in the initial dream he was limited to the target’s reality of the moment. Therefore if they closed the lid of the crate too well, he’d be stuck inside and unable to get at them in the dream, and the same went for locked doors and such. How could he frighten and devour the target and establish a good link if he couldn’t get to them. Then to, the more fear from them the stronger the link, and how much fear of him would the target have with a wall between them.


2. Xena stood on the low diving board of her pool, her bikini clad body motionless with arms raised as she prepared to dive. Then 2 steps, up and bounce off the end, and managing a somersault before cutting through the water with a bit too much splash for her liking. After that dive she swam a few laps, then climbed out and tried again. After more slow laps around the pool Xena finally got out. She went over to an outdoor shower and used it to rinse chlorine off her long black hair and curvaceous body, as well as the black bikini to give it one less reason to fade. Once that was done she went to a lounge chair by the pool. Their she used towels to dry off as best she could, and opened a drawer in the pool side table which held a brush and comb, plus a few other things.

When she was done with her hair, her body was still damp, and the warm night sky was full of stars. Xena considered, it might have been too much eggnog, but whatever she really didn’t feel like a work-out now. Not only because her skin was still damp, but because she was a bit tired. Instead she pulled the script out of the drawer where she had placed it earlier, and stretched out on the chaise lounge to read it, using light from a floodlight which shined on the pool, but gave her just enough light to read by. She wasn’t worried about peepers or the press with their cameras, she had good walls around her California home, and it was remote enough that the media with cameras and helicopters didn’t come unless there was a party or something going on. Besides, the press wouldn’t come out at this time of night, their wasn’t enough light for a decent picture.

Kaa slithered through the sliding glass door which had fortunately been left open. He hated moving over concrete, but after a wooden deck and 2 stairs downward, he had to follow the walkway a short distance. Fortunately this one had outdoor carpeting over the concrete, extending all the way to the pool as far as he could see. It was rough, not plush like indoor carpeting, similar to dirt without grass, and it was almost as comfortable. It was dark out, but before the end of his tail had exited the house Kaa’s head was in the light where the carpeting circled the pool. He could have traveled through the bushes and grass along side of the walkway, but it was easier to see if his target doubled back this way. The carpeting was not nearly as good as indoor carpeting, but much better than stone or concrete, and Kaa kept to it as he approached Xena’s sleeping form, curling more of his length on the light green material next to her as time passed.

Xena didn’t wake up, and having her sleeping inside her dream was very annoying to Kaa. He refused to simply attack her without giving her a chance to defend herself, no matter how feebly. He had standards after all, and this was one of them. Besides the fear tasted better when the target got a good look at their fate first, and their would be more of it to feast on. Kaa first cleared his throat a few times to try and wake her. This failing he used his nose to nudge her in the ribs, and got some giggles and a mumbled “Stop that.” Kaa moved back, his head held above the ground as he considered, his rubber eyes squinting slightly in annoyance. Another poke at her side brought more giggles and the pages of script hitting him off the top of his head. Kaa hissed slightly, his rubber forked tongue flicking in and out, “This, is a new problem.” He tried shouting, but couldn’t get much volume, and had no effect. Finally Kaa threw his head and a couple of feet of his length onto Xena’s chest. Her eyes flew open and she screamed. Kaa screamed back, and she rolled out of the lounge chair away from him, knocking it over and trapping herself between it and the table.

Xena peeked out at Kaa, who’s head stood at about 2 feet off the ground looking back at her, “I’m Kaa, you can come out of there, I’m absolutely harmless. If I were going to hurt you I’m no match for a warrior princess, so there’s no need to hide.” This comment had the effect Kaa had hoped for, it reminded the woman of her other self who would never hide behind an overturned chaise lounge. Xena stood casually while dusting herself off, “I wasn’t hiding, you just surprised me a bit and I slipped.” Kaa’s head disappeared briefly and came up with the script in his mouth, “Hmm hmm hm hm hm hmm.” Xena took it from him and put it into the table drawer, “Thank you.”

Relaxing a bit, Xena straightened the lounge chair, “So, I can guess your from the crate, what do you want? Someone sent you, and you were lifeless before.” Kaa seemed to smile, “How about an autograph for starters?” Xena stood behind the lounge chair keeping an eye on Kaa, but briefly turned, retrieving a pad and pen from the table drawer, “Kaa, that’s with 2 A’s?” “Yesss.” Kaa replied with a hiss. Xena tore the sheet of paper off the pad, then returned it an the pen to the drawer, “I usually don’t sign autographs at home.” She began to hand it to him, then realized he had no hands, and no pockets either. Kaa smiled in amusement, “Just bring it closer, I’ll take care of it.” Xena felt an odd sensation, her eyes seemed to unfocus, and she slowly walked around the chaise lounge to hand the autograph to him. She stopped within arms reach of Kaa, then shook her head, “Hey, stop that!” Kaa sighed, “Another tough one, well, let’s try this!”


3. Kaa raised his head a bit and slightly backwards, then fast as lightning struck at Xena. She wasn’t there though, her reflexes still sharp from training for the television show, and practice at home since. She had no small trampoline here to help with jumps, but she managed a hop backwards onto the lounge, then as Kaa struck again she jumped onto the table. Kaa chuckled slightly, “Say, your pretty good!” “Thanks!” she replied. “I try to keep in shape.” Kaa moved close to the table, cutting off her escape, “I’m going to get you eventually.” he said in a reasoning tone with his cartoonish voice. “Not likely!” Xena answered as she looked around. The bushes behind her were too tall to guarantee she could jump them, Kaa’s head and some body length was to her left, more in front, and a lot to her right. The pool stretched before her from left to right about 8 to 10 feet away, and there was a bug net on a pole next to her which she took in hand.

Xena started to go left, Kaa moving his sinuous body as if to catch her in midair. She jumped right, flipping through the air, unconsciously giving her battle cry, and landing on her feet. She instantly turned swinging the bug net, catching the advancing Kaa in the side of the head with the aluminum pole. “Ow!” he cried, and backed up a bit. Xena briefly considered her options now, running towards Kaa’s head, running past the greater length of slightly moving serpent stretching in the other direction, going towards the high bushes, or into the water. She believed that snakes were fast swimmers, how fast she had no idea, but it seemed her best bet. Throwing the net at Kaa’s head she turned and dove into the water, heading for the cement stairs off to one end.

Rushed as she was Xena made a good dive off the edge of the pool, and felt confident of her escape. She figured that once out of the water she could easily outrun Kaa. It was a long way to the cement stairs at the far end though, and upon standing in the shallows to begin climbing them, she was hit in the legs and back by something that knocked her over, and Xena briefly screamed as she went under. She grabbed the first coil she could, but found herself being twisted and spun as other coils formed around her. Kaa’s weight didn’t weigh her down much, and as Xena broke the surface gasping for air, she let out a long scream. Still her legs were largely free and touching the bottom in about 4 feet of water, and she began walking towards the stairs. When Xena climbed the first of 4 underwater cement stairs, Kaa had her body wrapped well. Coils bound her from just above her breasts to the tops of her thighs. The only thing showing through these coils was the black bikini top, and her arms were also held securely.

Kaa stopped adding coils and began the rhythmic constriction of Xena, while she concentrated on breathing and climbing the stairs. It wasn’t easy to do, slowly climbing out of the pool, but she didn’t want to make Kaa’s job easier by falling in and drowning. She had to fight for breath while raising the ever increasing weight of herself and Kaa as she climbed out of the water. She struggled some to escape, but the main chore in her mind was climbing the stairs. Once out she stood there wrapped tightly in Kaa and taking quick half breaths. Kaa’s coils didn’t grow tighter with each exhale, but with most of them. His weight wasn’t impossible to carry, not all of Kaa’s body length was wrapped around her, and Xena carefully kept her balance. However, Xena thought that if she fell she’d never get up again, even if her arms had been free. One of her hands had worked loose between 2 coils, and Xena now knew what she needed to do to have a fighting chance of survival.

Slowly Xena walked dragging a long length of Kaa behind her like a strange tail. She had to keep her balance while moving, and keep her legs under her as Kaa slowly cut off her oxygen. She forced herself on as her lungs complained, her fingers beginning to tingle threatening to go numb. Kaa watched his latest prey, holding his head up at about eye level to her. He was frustrated, no victim yet in this world had fought like this. It scared him a bit, if she had a plan then he had to stop it, and that included limiting toying with her, or being very careful so as not to give her a 2nd chance. Kaa looked ahead, they were slowly approaching the lounge chair where this had all started. Xena was having extreme trouble breathing, her head moving as if to help pump air in. She was gasping but not begging to be let go, and she might make it to the chair.

Xena grabbed at something on the table with her hand, finding it difficult with her numb fingers, and her hand unable to maneuver due to the coils holding her arms. It was a cell phone, and she turned it over and managed to hit a single button just as she collapsed to her knees. The phone rang once and a voice answered, 911 Emergency!?” Xena bent over to the phone, and she tried to form words but only gasps of air came out and a few syllables. The voice interrupted as the coils grew tighter, “I can’t understand you. Your using a cell phone so it will take several minutes to track you down. If you can’t speak, we’re on the way. Please tell me the problem if you can.”

Xena collapsed to the outdoor carpeting without much of a sound, while Kaa tried to figure out how to disconnect the phone. Failing that since he couldn’t read, he picked up the phone in his mouth and dropped it into the pool. He looked down on Xena laying on her back, her large breasts hardly moving as her chest tried and failed to expand more than a little. He briefly tipped his head, “My you’ve been difficult. Unfortunately I have no time to play, your 911 friends could arrive before I could finish with you. Maybe next time, next victim of course.”

Xena gasped, her body barely moving as it conserved energy, her bare legs and feet kicking weakly but less as seconds flew. Finally the coils around her tightened their grip and Xena couldn’t breathe at all. Her legs and head moved a bit more rapidly briefly as her body rocked Kaa’s coils slightly. Then her body relaxed as she died, and Kaa set about swallowing her. He started at the head as always, using his coils to push Xena into his stretchable mouth. His head was bigger than her’s so as usual there was no problem of her being too large, and he hurried more than usual. The voice had said several minutes to trace the call, then who knew how long to respond. If they thought it was a prank they might not arrive for half an hour, or if not they might arrive a minute later.

His coils had pushed Xena in up to her waist when Kaa thought he heard knocking on her door. He rushed a bit more then, how long would it be until they broke in, and how long until they came out here. He had to finish swallowing before then. True this was a dream, but as with the glass door, while he was hear it was real, and if he didn’t finish swallowing then he’d lose his target. Kaa heard them breaking down the door just as he passed Xena’s knees. He worked hard at swallowing, not enjoying this one nearly as much as he had the others. Finally though one mighty gulp took in the feet that were the only thing sticking out of his mouth. The lump that had been Xena passed all the way to his center before he heard footsteps coming towards the pool. Kaa sighed, “Close fellows, but no cigar!”


4. Xena examined herself in the full length mirror of her dressing room. She looked fine now, although after that weird dream she had found herself with bruising and strained muscles throughout her body, almost as if the dream had been real. The doctors had found nothing seriously wrong with her, calling it a very active nightmare, and insisting that she had thrashed around in her sleep causing the damage. Even the shrink had nothing useful to say, although he found the whole thing interesting. Since that time with Kaa in her dream, Xena had continued to have similar dreams 2 or sometimes 3 times a week. Usually she was the Xena character, traveling with Gabrielle most of the time, or someone else occasionally, and she’d die in the coils of a giant serpent, serpentine creature, or similar monster. Once she had been squeezed to death by a woman with a huge serpent tail instead of legs, another time she had been crushed in the arms of a 9 foot tall giant with 6 arms. The oddest one had been the giant octopus-like serpent which had caught and crushed her and Gabrielle, it’s writhing arms had been almost like a nest of snakes glued together at the tails.

She didn’t let it affect her career, her acting continued although the Xena character had lost some of it’s luster. It still was fun though, and having done Xena so long she could not totally rid her life of the influence. She still felt like Xena in the privacy of her own home and thoughts, and that side of her kept trying to figure out how she could have won the battle. The answer either was to try and jump the bushes or call for help before Kaa’s initial strike.

As to the rubber snake, the delivery company had picked it up the next day, with assurances that it would be returned to the sender. Other than her shrink and other doctors, plus her trainer, she never told anyone about the dream. Since her memories on the subject were a bit fuzzy and incomplete, Xena did some web surfing and found information on Kaa, a snake character in the ‘Jungle Book’ story, and found images of the cartoon version which seemed to be the most commonly known incarnation by far. The cartoon version was more colorful than the rubber one that had been sent to her, and the face was somewhat different, but the voice was so similar that it was scary. Xena printed some hard copies of Kaa’s cartoon image, and hung them in her bedroom and out by the pool. Her shrink thought it would encourage her subconscious to remember Kaa was just a cartoon image, therefore any reappearance of him was a dream. She hoped it worked, but having never seen the ‘Jungle Book’ movie, it disturbed her how she had imagined the voice so closely to the original.

The End
Disclaimer: These stories are NOT I repeat NOT made by me. They're made from a user who no longer contributes as far as I know, from an old Yahoo group.

Happy Thanksgiving/Batgirl
by Py, © 11/22/2001,


1. The customized motorcycle drove down the quiet suburban street, drawing looks from a few neighbors around at this time of day, but not too many. It was early evening, dusk had fallen, headlights and streetlights were on, and few had time right now. Besides, many had grown used to seeing Batgirl arrive home from a days work, it was nothing special to them anymore. Batgirl drove to her secluded house at the end of a dead end street, and up the driveway. Hitting a button on the handlebars marked ‘Batden’, an electronic impulse opened her garage door. Shutting off her headlight she parked and walked to a switch on the wall, closing and locking the garage.

Entering her house through a connecting door, she walked through the kitchen to grab some food. She didn’t bother to remove her 60’s era purple Batgirl costume, she was starved and had no new jobs for a while to use it for. She really liked being Batgirl for all those various exhibits and such, but she did other things too, and tried to pretend to be the character she was portraying to make it work better. So much so that when she was in costume she had her roomy and friends call her by whatever character name, so as far as she was concerned right now she was Batgirl, having seen little in crime fighting these days and living in an entirely different city now. She couldn’t make a living off of being Batgirl, jobs paid well but not that well, and Batgirl jobs while her most popular still didn’t come through at a steady pace. It was too bad in her opinion, true she had to travel a lot, but she did impersonator jobs almost entirely on weekends, and worked 30 hours a week as a waitress. If Batgirl wasn’t needed, she filled empty weekends by being other characters such as Black Canary or even a somewhat short Wonder Woman. If she couldn’t get a job as one of her dozen or so personas at a demolition derby or some other event, she’d just tug in her belt until the next job. Hopefully it would come before her stash of money ran low, she hadn’t starved to death yet.

She refused to do bachelor parties or anything such as that, although had done some photos she wasn’t proud of, taken during a desperate time when bills piled up terribly during a long blank stretch. Now when she desperately needed money she could usually find it posing with kids for photographs, becoming there favorite heroine from comics or sometimes a current movie. Some of her friends had told her that her house was too big, that was true. So she rented to a friend, a tall blonde with long legs and big,... dreams of stardom.

The hard part was maintenance. Her costume was identical to the 60’s era Batgirl from head to toe, including frills such as the cape, the thin yellow utility belt, and the eye catching yellow Batsymbol on her chest. She had no idea what exactly the outfit was made of, it felt like leather, yet was cooler in the heat and warm enough for comfort in the wind. It was tight to her skin, and did stick a bit coming off, or as John said, ‘It fits like a purple glove.’. It covered every inch of her flesh except for her face from nose level to chin, plus 2 holes for her eyes in the black satan-like material around the upper part of her face. The slightly curly mane of red hair out the rear of the headpiece flowed around her head most naturally, although she had replaced the cheap wig that had come with the outfit. The outfit had proved to be quite durable, stains came off easily enough, and so far she had no rips or tears in it. A friend had examined it though and taken measurements of all her costumes, and could make repairs or replacements. In fact her Batgloves had been replaced once, and one of the pointy little ears of her cowl had been fixed after becoming bent to one side..

As for herself, with the costume on she could be Batgirl’s twin, from well proportioned body to eye color. Even out of costume she had dark hair and could dress up as Barbara Gordon, and manage a not so quick change for a job. Even her voice was the same as Batgirl’s, or at least very close to it, most people who had seen the old show were amazed at her overall similarity. She had needed to learn a lot about comic super heroines and others for her jobs, and it struck her as funny that they always seemed so well endowed. Not so much with the newer ones as political correctness set in, but most of them. Her other favorite was the 60’s Catwoman, she was a bit too short for 2 of the villainess’s incarnations, and not dark skinned enough for the other, but it worked.

Batgirl fixed a Turkey sandwich, leftovers from thanksgiving that she had celebrated alone, or not quite alone but her boyfriend John hadn’t eaten much of the meal. Fortunately it had been a small turkey, her roomy had gone home for thanksgiving plus a small vacation, and wouldn’t be home for a week. This gave her the whole house to herself, not to mention all the leftovers, and Batgirl didn’t think she could’ve dealt with a large turkey on her own. “The fiendish Turkey stuffing torture.” she muttered to herself with a giggle.

The doorbell rang, so Batgirl put the remains of her sandwich aside and went for it. Swallowing before reaching it, she threw open the door and stood there, standing with legs slightly spread and hands on hips, the Batgirl classic pose. “Problem gentlemen?” she said in her best Batgirl manner. “Sign here.” A large delivery man said as he shoved a clipboard at her. Batgirl took a step forward, and saw the other delivery man, a van on the street, the sky dark now, and a huge crate on her porch. “I didn’t order anything like this!?” she said in puzzlement. The man pointed to the clipboard, “Is this address correct?” She looked, “Yes.” “Sign here.” he repeated. She hesitated, then took the clipboard and pen, “Must be my roomy’s package.” The big man finally smiled, “Or maybe a bunch of Catwoman’s henchmen are inside waiting to pounce.” She laughed lightly, “That would be more the Joker’s style.” After signing she looked shyly at the man, “Could you strong handsome men bring that big crate inside for me. I’ve been so busy all day escaping deathtraps, my muscles are just too tired.” The man’s smile grew and he nodded, “Yes Ma’am, anything for a member of the terrific trio!” She smiled, “A fan!” He grinned, “I loved the 60’s Batman as a kid, and Batgirl just made the show that much better.”


2. After the 2 men brought in the crate, leaving it in the living room after Batgirl moved everything out of the way, she pulled some bills from her utility belt for a tip. She liked being able to carry a few things in it, a fringe benefit of the Batgirl outfit. In there she kept things such as a small amount of money, lipstick, business cards, and a small sharp knife and some Mace for self-defense. She had some acrobatic tricks and skill at fighting, mostly to help with performances, but never kidded herself about her true ability. The crate came to the middle of her chest in height, and it had no useful identification, except a small card on top with the shipping label. It read, “Happy Thanksgiving! For an unforgettable dinner. K”

Batgirl didn’t know any guys with a last name beginning with the letter K, and decided that it was probably for her roomy. She found a crowbar in the garage and pried it open anyway, dumping the lid and watching out for the nails sticking out of it now. She found a huge mottled green and black rubber snake inside. Batgirl had no idea how big it was as she raised the head and looked it in the eyes, “Your a big one. They could’ve tried to feed the entire terrific trio to you.” The serpent didn’t respond of course, and Batgirl dropped the head back into the crate. Searching she found nothing inside to indicate who had sent the thing and for whom, and she refused to waste time hauling it out to check more thoroughly. Instead Batgirl closed the lid as best she could so that nails weren’t sticking out, knowing it was not a tight seal but it wasn’t going to be traveling. When her roomy got back they would both look into it and solve the mystery of this K.

Batgirl went around her nightly routine after that, finishing by placing her utility belt on the coffee table before the couch, so as to be more comfortable while stretching her legs out and sitting to read a book before bed. When she caught herself yawning for the 3rd time, she stood to leave. Still wearing the costume because she liked to, but wanting to take a quick shower before bed, she turned without fully thinking. Batgirl forgot how she had rearranged things, and tripped over the coffee table leg, sprawling across the carpeting.

Batgirl returned to consciousness to a curious sounding voice asking, “You didn’t break a bone did you, or get a contusion, a concussion, or something like that?” Batgirl shook her head, “No, I’m fine. Hey! Who are you!?” she said as she rolled to her side and turned towards the voice. Her vision was a bit blurred, but clearing rapidly. Moments later she saw the huge serpent half out of the crate, it’s head not 3 feet away hovering before her, and she gasped, “A snake!” Kaa twisted his head around, “Where, where?!” Batgirl pointed, “You!” Kaa hung his head, “Sorry, you caught me off guard. I’m Kaa, 30 plus feet of rubber toy snake at your service. But please, help me out of the crate, trying to squirm out of it is difficult, those nails hurt like the dickens.” Batgirl had quickly moved from shock, to fright, to amazement, and now giggled to here a phrase like that come from a snakes mouth, never mind hearing one talk at all. Kaa seemed familiar to her, like something out of childhood, then she remembered the old cartoon. Kaa had amazed and somewhat frightened her as a child, although his antics had been amusing. This Kaa didn’t look quite the same, but had the same voice. It’s body looked normal for a snake, although the head was a little off, not quite a normal head, but not the cartoon head either.

Batgirl found herself losing her fear as she gazed into the serpentine eyes, and going over to the crate without further thought, “I should be running from you, I mean your a snake, a really big one!” Kaa turned his head to face her, “But I’m a being in trouble, and you are a superhero aren’t you.” “It’s just a costume.” Batgirl replied as she used the crowbar to pry open the crate again, then wedged it open so that Kaa could easily slither out without scratching himself on the sharp points of protruding nails. As he did, she noticed that his middle section was thicker than her own thigh, and looking at his head again saw it was bigger than her own. “A costume makes the man, or woman.” Kaa stated. “After all you just saved me from the crate of doom.” Batgirl smirked, “Well, I suppose I did, with my Batcrowbar.”

“So, I have lots of questions.” Batgirl began as she moved back towards the couch but didn’t sit down. “Like, who sent you, do you know this K guy, why are you here, how come you talk and move, so on.” Kaa moved lengths of himself around the room as if stretching his body after it’s confinement, his head continuing to float before her eyes, “I sent me, I am this K guy, Kaa to be exact. I talk and move because I inhabit this rubber serpent body and want to move, and I am here to have Thanksgiving dinner with you.” Standing there Batgirl took it all in but had trouble understanding. She felt a coil lifting to slide up her leg, and her eyes widened a bit.

Batgirl stepped to one side to get away from the rising coil and she smiled nervously, suddenly not feeling so safe around the odd creature, “That’s nice, I really didn’t have anyone to share dinner with this year, my boyfriend’s away visiting family. Your a bit late though, all I’ve got is leftovers. You eat turkey?” “Yes, and other things also, and I’ve been told I have excellent table manners.” Kaa replied smoothly as Batgirl casually dodged another coil. As a massive hump of snake length rose behind to trip her if she moved backwards, coils laying in wait for her to fall into them, Kaa moved his head closer, “It’s like the card said, the crate’s here for you to have an unforgettable dinner. Unfortunately for you and fortunate for me, you are the dinner.


3. Kaa pushed his head forward, Batgirl moving back but not tripping as he had planned. She instead moved sideways at the same time, and did a cartwheel over another length of Kaa. She then jumped over a stuffed chair, and knocked over the television set in a mad rush for another door out of the room. For such a large snake Kaa was faster than she had imagined, hitting her in the back to knock her down, and wrapping several coils from near it’s head around her leg. Kaa pulled Batgirl back as she screamed and clawed at the carpet, and when she managed to hold her ground Kaa instead moved it’s lengths closer. “If the mountain won’t come to Kaa, then Kaa goes to the mountain.” paraphrased the serpent. “Really though, was all that jumping around necessary, I hope you won’t move around like that inside my stomach, it can cause terrible indigestion.”

Kaa quickly rolled and entrapped the struggling Batgirl in several of it’s thick coils, encircling her lower legs, thighs, waist, and her chest trapping one of her arms. He released the purple leg where his front lengths had caught her, because in her struggling she had kicked him in the head a few times. Being a rubber snake it didn’t harm him, but it felt rather annoying. Batgirl somehow got to her hand and knees, although awkwardly with her calves and thighs restricted, not to mention only having use of one arm. Kaa threw another coil around her body for it’s weight to slow her struggles, then began rippling rubber muscles and tightening his grip.

Batgirl’s screams became gasps as she crawled forward. Kaa was used to prey trying to push coils or otherwise hit to escape, not to have them crawl. He felt her exhale and ask him to stop, she was struggling a bit but her main efforts clearly were in crawling. Kaa looked in the direction of her outstretched arm, “Oh, my word, your utility belt! You must have some Batsnake repellent, or maybe a Batmachete to cut off my head with!” After a few minutes of her inching forward while her breaths diminished, Kaa couldn’t resist the temptation, so as Batgirl gasped for a last breath, he loosened his grip on her chest slightly. Batgirl couldn’t breathe much, but the sudden half lung full of air did increase her struggles, and after some frantic movements her other arm came loose. Then she hurriedly scampered the last 6 inches just as Kaa’s grip grew tighter around her chest again.

While she gasped, Batgirl fumbled with the belt which fell to the floor. Kaa watched with curiosity as she suddenly rolled to a sitting position, and sprayed his face with Mace. Kaa’s head reeled backward, coils of itself forming a protective ball around the head, “Oh! My eyes, my eyes! Oh that hurts!” Batgirl felt the coils around her loosen a bit, and began to push them off, working a thick one lower on her chest a short distance. Suddenly they stiffened and wouldn’t move. Through her purple gloves the rubber coils indented a little under her fingers, but they refused to move as if made of steel. Kaa looked her in the eye, “That wasn’t very nice, but I’m made of rubber so it really didn’t bother me. So, you think I’m a good actor, or too much ham? I was in the movies Y’know.”

Before Batgirl could reply the coils quickly began squeezing her with every exhale again. She dropped the Mace, and grabbing the small knife from the belt she jammed it into the coils around her. The short and skinny little knife poked a few holes, but they seemed to heal almost as fast as she could do damage. In the end Batgirl lost her grip on the knife as she lay on her back gasping for air. Kaa had a poor grip on her chest, so he couldn’t entirely cut off her breathing easily. Instead she panted rapidly and shallowly as pain shot through her body, until just before she passed out Kaa loosened his grip.

By the time Batgirl was fully aware of this, Kaa had rolled her over and gotten a coil around her chest, trapping both of her arms this time. Her cape was also caught in the uppermost coil, and it tended to flutter as Kaa’s muscles rippled. Batgirl lay on her stomach gasping for air after a while, begging Kaa to stop, squirming weakly in her attempts just to breathe. She rolled sideways trying to take pressure off her lungs, and sucked in a little air. But the coils relentlessly tightened after she exhaled, and after a few breaths Batgirl was back where she had been before the roll. Then finally with her lungs straining and eyes seeing spots she passed out.

Upon wakening nothing had changed except she could breathe a bit. Her chest and body ached, her heart still pounded, and laying on her back she saw Kaa’s head was bowed over her. Batgirl tried to question, ‘What,..?” Kaa paused, “I forgot to say grace, can’t kill and eat my thanksgiving dinner until then. Batgirl’s eyes widened in disbelief, but after a bit more of Kaa hanging his head, the coils once more began constricting around her.

Her body was so tired and depleted of air Batgirl barely struggled this time. She wiggled her hands and body a bit, begged Kaa to stop in a feeble voice, and quickly was gasping for air. In one mighty attempt Batgirl strained to escape, thrashing herself side to side a little in Kaa’s grip, then relaxed with mouth wide and gasping. Her head lifted and tried to grab air, then it fell back as her body completely relaxed. Kaa held her for many long seconds, continuing to constrict the nearly motionless form as the body jerked slightly. Then the heart stopped and Kaa knew it was over. Stretching his mouth he engulfed Batgirl’s cowled head, then further stretched it to take in her shoulders. Using his powerful coils he forced her body into his mouth, until the inside of his throat could help with swallowing. Getting over her shoulders was the hard part, after that the breasts were difficult but tended to compress even supported by a bra. The waist was easy, the hips almost as bad as the shoulders. Finally though nothing remained of Batgirl outside of Kaa but her legs. It had taken many minutes to get this far in the swallowing, but the rest went much faster. Finally the purple clad feet vanished, and Kaa rested his head while the lump that had been Batgirl moved down his mostly hollow length. Kaa sighed, “I should have put her in a deeper trance, not just quell her fears. Then I could have made her undress first, that costume tastes funny.” He took a deep breath as he considered, “At least she wasn’t wearing the utility belt.”


4. Batgirl was face down on the floor as she woke. She groaned, rose to hands and knees, and rolled to a sitting position. Seeing the crate nearby it all came back to her. She jerked straight and looked around. Standing she began examining everything. The crate was closed as if having never been opened a second time, the big rubber snake still curled up as before, apparently having not moved a fraction of an inch. She closed the crate, and found her utility belt and everything else where it belonged, even her television was undamaged and still standing. Her body ached though, but she attributed that to the shock of the fall.

She ran upstairs, got undressed for a shower to get the days grime off, placing the Batgirl costume aside for cleaning. Dressed in pajamas she went back downstairs, and had an unexplained dread of the crate. Fetching some duct tape and nudging the crate to convince herself by it’s weight that the huge rubber snake was still inside, she proceeded to seal it more completely. It made her nervous, and she had several nightmares before her roomy came home, each almost replaying her dream. Neither of them knew anything about the snake, nor anyone who might have sent it. She explained her dream and how upset it had all made her, and her roomy agreed that they should just send the thing back where it had come from.

The delivery men came to pick up the crate, although they had to charge a fee for the reverse shipping since the delivery had not been an error. The company refused to say anything about the sender, claiming only that it was their policy. In the weeks that passed she had more dreams, averaging 2 or 3 a week. Each nightmare featured her as some super heroine or other comic book character, even some she had never impersonated. Each time she was confronted with a giant snake, usually as some evil plot to do away with her, and it always succeeded unless she woke up. Once as the Invisible Woman she was crushed by a giant anaconda after a villain dropped her through a trap door, and once as Supergirl she was caught and crushed in midair by a flying space serpent with kryptonite eyes. Several times her roomy woke her up from a nightmare that had her gasping for air, growing more concerned for her friends mental health all the time. Eventually she went to a doctor, hoping he could help dispel her reoccurring nightmares.

The End
Disclaimer: These stories are NOT I repeat NOT made by me. They're made from a user who no longer contributes as far as I know, from an old Yahoo group.

Trick or Treat/Elvira
by Py, © 11/2/2001,


1. It was near 11PM that Halloween night, the children in their various costumes had long since stopped coming to Elvira’s candle lit house for their treats. Elvira had just sat around watching television waiting for stragglers, but as usual got into a late night horror flic and stayed up way too late. Houses were dark, no headlights of cars or anything lit the street, except for occasional streetlights. Near her home it was darker since the nearest one was blown, and her porch light was the only one left on. Elvira was only a little tired, but the late movie on television was over, and it was time for sleep.

Before she could go upstairs Elvira heard the doorbell, she considered, ‘Too late for more kids, must be someone else.” On her way to the door she stopped briefly at a full length mirror. She adjusted her long jet black hair and the low low cut skin hugging dress which snugly covered her curvaceous form. Not knowing what to expect she opened the door, to be greeted by a delivery man who stood next to a large box, his assistant on the other side. He held out a clipboard, ‘Trick or Treat’ he said in a dull voice. “Sign here please.’

After the men left Elvira wondered, she should have asked them about delivering a package so late, but guessed it had something to do with the holidays. She also realized as she tried to move the box with only a little luck, that she should have asked if they could have brought it inside for her. The heavy duty cardboard box was nearly up to her ribs, and barely fit through the front door, but she dragged it in with some work. Elvira estimated that it weighed less than she did, maybe 80 or 100 pounds, and the men had been using some sort of device with little wheels to move it. She managed by trying various methods, lifting one or another edge and sliding it forward a ways, then stopping to rest a moment. Still as Elvira used all her muscle to get it inside and to the living room, she found it surprisingly light for such a big box, and fortunately not impossible for her to move, although it was hard work.

Considering what might be inside Elvira estimated that it weighed as much as 3 or 4 car tires, maybe 5 depending on the car, and wondered if that’s what was in there. Elvira debated weather to open it or not tonight, then decided that staying awake a little longer wouldn’t hurt, especially since all this pushing and moving was tiring her out making sleep easier. There was a card on top, she pulled it loose from the tape holding it. It read, ‘Trick or Treat, From a secret admirer, hugs and hisses.’

Considering the card and wondering who the admirer might be, Elvira retrieved a small razor blade box cutter, and used it to cut the tape around the box. The cardboard box said nothing on the outside about who it came from, she assumed their would be another card inside or something. Briefly she wondered if this were a prank, the box was more than big enough to put a person inside, but it was so light. It would have to be a woman or very short man.

Finally Elvira had it open, and her mouth fell wide with a pleasantly surprised sound, “Oh my, a huge rubber snake, and it looks so real. She reached in and began pulling it out, finding the lengths of rubber serpent to be easy enough to move, as long as she didn’t try to move the entire thing at once. It was mostly green and black, with some other colors mixed in, and it was a bit over 35 feet long. It’s center section was almost wider than her hips, and it’s head was as big or bigger than Elvira’s. Having tipped the box and dragging it out, Elvira found that she could pull about the first 3rd out before it became too much work. The center section was heavier, and she couldn’t roll it like a tire so had to move it in sections. Fortunately for her muscles it stretched out like this for 35 feet in length, which also tapered at the ends, so it was easier to move than all in the box. Elvira stepped over and around lengths, her legs peeking out from slits in her long black skirt, bending and lifting, moving each section a foot in distance or so at a time. Rather than move it over her coffee table, she moved the table to the side, but she did have to curl the rubber snake into a U shape a bit in order to keep it in the one room. Elvira stood panting a bit and waving her hand to blow air into her cleavage, “Whoever this admirer is, he sure likes big toys!”

Elvira sat in a chair while staring at the huge rubber snake. She had examined it while moving it, finding it soft and pliable, not stiff like a car tire. It also seemed to be mostly hollow, although it didn’t collapse when she squeezed it, most of the snake remained firm as a real snake would, she guessed the outer part was several inches thick in those places. This combined to make it durable yet flexible, and not too heavy. Elvira lay on the floor and stuck a yardstick down it’s throat, and it traveled down it’s full length and that of her arm. “Elvira, mad doctor and her super tongue depressor!” She said in an announcers tone before removing her arm and the yardstick from the maw of the rubber snake. Then she examined the teeth, what would be many small and sharp grasping teeth were perfect rubber replicas like the rest of it.

Before getting off the floor she studied the things head. It was a very realistic snake, but the head was wrong. It looked almost normal, but it was too different to be a real snake’s head, and then she snapped her fingers, “Kaa, from the Jungle Book. You look a lot like him, not quite but very close! I’m going to call you Kaa!” Elvira stood, “Stay here Kaa, I’ve got to get my bare necessities to bed.”

Elvira crossed the room and picked up a 3 branched candelabra, then she went around blowing out candles at various places. She liked doing this on Halloween, the children already thought she was some sort of witch or vampire, so on Halloween she always shut off all the electric lights and used candles. Then dressing in her work clothes which she wore quite often anyway, she would answer the door. The kids loved it, especially with the creaky door hinge, and she had to admit she liked it also. Hosting her television show or doing car shows or wrestling events were fun, but nothing be just dressing up and being herself. Halloween was her night to dress up and be herself all day long, not just for the camera or audience. With all the lights out except the candelabra she carried, Elvira began climbing the stairs, and she paused to look into the next room and she spoke in a slow low voice, “Good night Kaa, unpleasant dreams.” As she climbed the stairs she sighed to herself, “No spooky music and no wolf howling, kinda spoils the exit line.”


2. Elvira slept with difficulty in her 4 poster bed, tossing and turning a bit, partly due to the fierce thunderstorm which suddenly hit the area. She sat up abruptly at a loud crack of thunder, the lightning making her bedroom light-up briefly. Almost simultaneously, the old style pendulum clock on the wall, the one with the bat in the face’s center and a spider climbing the pendulum, chimed to indicate that it was 1AM. Elvira stood, slipping on her black cat slippers, and putting on a long black robe to cover the brief blueish grey nighty she wore and her pale white skin. It was clear that even after her exercise it was not going to be easy to get back to sleep, so she would have some tea, that usually helped on nights like this. Trying the light switch she found that the electric was out, “Damn, have to cook my tea with the little emergency gas burner thingy.”

With her candelabra lit again, she opened the bedroom door and heard a thump downstairs. Immediately she was alert, and withdrew slightly as she closed the door to a crack. There were a couple of more rolls of thunder, and Elvira decided she was hearing things. About to leave again, once more she heard a noise, this time another thump as if something heavy fell a short distance, then another lighter sound, almost as if some magazines fell to the floor. Elvira quietly closed the door, and moved to the phone. There was no light, and no dial tone, she cursed because the phone was out also.

Grabbing a baseball bat, Elvira slowly crept out of her room. She held the bat upright in front of her, the candelabra in her other hand, and cautiously made her way down the stairs, stopping for lightning to light her way more and to listen for sounds. She knew that an intruder would see the candles, but she had the bat. Lighting a few candles along the way she called out, “Okay, Mr. killer, burglar, or whatever, I’m here with my trusty bat, and I have a gun. If you leave now, I won’t use either of them, and won’t call the police. As she finished repeating a variation of this she had placed the candelabra down on the mantle in the living room, and was about to transfer flame to another small candle, when a voice on the far side of the room chuckled. “Come now.” it said. “You won’t shoot me, you don’t have a gun, and you can’t call the police because the phones are dead.”

Elvira quickly turned towards the voice, extending her bat and waving it a bit, “Come out, I know your here. I want you out of my house or I’ll break your legs with this bat!” “Ooo, that’s a new one!” the voice replied. “But not very likely. You see, I don’t have legs, so how can you break them?” Elvira was confused by that comment, but ignored it, “I’ll break your head then, you do have a head, or are you the headless horseman?” The voice chuckled, “Yes, yes, I have a head, light a few more candles and you should be able to see me.”

Elvira did so, cautiously moving around the room, and finally getting a dim glow throughout most of it. It took a while, and except for the candelabra on the mantle to the fake fireplace, the candles were safe in containers where they were in little or no danger of starting a fire. She looked around the room, nothing was out of place except the coffee table she had moved, the large cardboard box, and Kaa. It took her a moment to realize that Kaa was moving, his head rising almost to her eye level, “Here I am, Kaa at your service. You have a nice spacious living room, but the coffee table has too many magazines on it. Correction, had too many, I’m afraid I knocked a few onto the floor.”

Elvira’s baseball bat drooped as her mind reeled. It was Kaa, even the same silly voice right out of her childhood memories. She laughed nervously, then remembered more about the character. For some reason it seemed right to be careful, if Kaa could suddenly be real, then he was probably the same as in the movie. He moved almost as easily, and she remembered that Kaa had a silver tongue which could put you completely off guard. Elvira raised her bat again, “What are you, how did you get here, and why are you here?” Kaa chuckled, “One, I’m a snake, a python to be more exact. Two, I got here by delivery van, remember?! Three I’m just traveling around, doing the tourist thing, but can’t do it with other tourists, they tend to scream and run away when I’m around. It’s horrible, I can’t go anywhere without someone screaming and pointing me out, it’s so unfair.” Elvira nervously grinned and relaxed a bit, ‘Yeah, I suppose that would be a problem for you.” Then she tensed and waved the baseball bat, and Kaa smiled back as he slowly moved his body length a bit, “Now why don’t you put the bat down and take a seat. If I wanted to hurt you I could have done so already, I’m rubber remember, baseball bats don’t bother me much.” Elvira hesitated then lowered the bat and sat down in the large stuffed chair which happened to be farthest from Kaa. “Much better!” he said. “Now, why don’t you tell me about yourself. I’m sure you know about me from that stupid movie. They always cast me as the villain, I’m really a nice guy.” Kaa moved his head to point at an image of Elvira in the open TV guide on the floor next to him, “Now, your into this TV thing, and from what I gathered from listening to you earlier while you unpacked me from that box, you don’t quite fit in either. So, tell me all about it.”


3. As Elvira talked she became more comfortable because Kaa wasn’t trying anything. He also told her of his life, both fictional and as a big rubber toy, having been sold to some rich woman and winding up here instead. Elvira relaxed more as time went by, letting the baseball bat lower, failing to notice in the gloom that although Kaa’s head was keeping it’s distance, his body lengths were creeping closer under cover of the darkness. Elvira couldn’t see much beyond the candlelight that the small flickering flames made, which mainly encircled her in a soft glow, and Kaa’s head and most of the rest of the room to a lesser degree.

Reflexively her arm grabbed for the bat as Kaa’s head suddenly moved closer. “Stop that, release the bat.” Kaa stated. Elvira was suddenly caught in the grip of Kaa’s eyes, and without conscious thought she dropped the bat. “Stand, and if you don’t mind please disrobe, bathrobes are so fuzzy going down my throat.” Elvira had a slightly glazed look in her eyes as she dropped the robe, leaving her in nothing but her blueish grey nighty and black cat slippers. Kaa had her remove the slippers, then kneel down before him. Quickly he wrapped Elvira in rubber coils around her chest and body 4 times, leaving her lower arms free between 2 coils. Then he added a coil around her thighs, and brought his head to hers to look Elvira in the eyes, “Now, it’s time for a snack. You were my target all along, I wasn’t delivered to the wrong place.” Kaa shifted his coils slightly, “Wake up now, this is more interesting when my dinners are awake.”

As Elvira’s eyes cleared, for a few moments she stared in confusion at the coils around her, “You bastard!” she yelled while trying to turn and reach for her baseball bat. Kaa began slowly tightening his coils, “Yes, my human prey often uses words like that, I’m just doing what I was designed to do, no malice in it at all.” Elvira struggled to escape the grip of the coils, finding her hands largely useless against the massive bands of rubber surrounding her. “It’s just like that jungle boy, they create me to kill him, to be the definition of death in the jungle, and they let that damn cat get all the fun.” Elvira pitched forward to an awkward hands and knees position with her upper arms unable to move much, as the bands of rubber snake grew tighter around her with each of her exhales, making every breath more difficult than the last. Elvira tried to reach Kaa’s head but it kept moving away from her questing hands, and pushing on the coils was like pushing against steel bands, they felt soft yet were too strong to push or pull in any direction. Digging in with her nails with some difficulty did make little grooves in the rubber, but Kaa didn’t seem to notice any pain from it, and the grooves repaired themselves almost instantly. The rubber coils were every bit as solid and crushing as Elvira thought real ones would be, no flattening like thin inner tubes. Her heart began to pound in her ears, and her lungs ached, but Kaa ignored Elvira’s ever weakening protests and pleas to stop.

Elvira fell forward and sideways onto the carpeted floor, her arms and legs no longer willing to support her bodies weight and that of the coils encircling her. Her breasts heaved as she tried to pull in air through a gaping mouth, “Stopppp, can’t, breeeathhh.” she cried. “That’s the idea.” Kaa replied in a slightly surprised tone. He continued talking as she struggled, “After I was no longer needed for the movie, I don’t know what happened. I still existed in a cartoon world, and could move and act freely, I guess they were saving me for a sequel or something. Well, I feasted off cartoon prey, both human and otherwise, and now I come here, possessing snake images and toys, and feasting on real people. He looked closely at the gasping face of the barely moving woman in his slowly contracting coils, “Survival of the fittest and all that, and humans are so unfit.”

Kaa waited until Elvira was silently straining for air, her legs stretched out and barely moving, her hands feebly pounding. Then he loosened his grip, watching her recover. He watched a little color return to her skin as she sucked in air. When her breathing slowed as her body recovered Elvira began to sit up, only to have the coils quickly clamp down and tighten again, and the relentless constriction resumed. Elvira went through the same pleading and fighting as before while the breath was slowly squeezed out of her. At the point where she again couldn’t breathe and was about to pass out, Kaa’s coils loosened again. This time Elvira didn’t try to escape, and when her breath was sufficiently under control, she pretended to be worse off than she was, “Sadistic bastard!” she weakly snarled between breaths. “Mother always told me that I shouldn’t play with my food.” Kaa replied.

Elvira took a deep breath and suddenly rolled halfway to her hands and knees as she moved. The coils shifted a bit lower, but quickly tightened and resumed their constriction. “Clever.” Kaa said coolly, “but not good enough, and it won’t happen again.” Kaa added a coil from the top of Elvira’s shoulder to her upper arm on the other side, guaranteeing she couldn’t escape that way. Elvira’s lower arms were more restricted than before, and when Kaa let her catch a breath in the future he kept at least one coil snug.

It went on this way for what seemed forever to Elvira, slow persistent constriction alternating with moments of rest and deep breathing, her body growing steadily weaker until finally when Kaa loosened his grip she just laid there on her back, too weak to move except to breathe and wiggle her hands a bit. Kaa even tempted her by making his coils very loose, but she didn’t move, not even to threaten or curse. “Time to end this.” He stated as his coils tightened around her. Elvira struggled weakly, her instinct for survival demanding it, but her struggles were little more than gasping protests and pleadings. Kaa didn’t talk as he somewhat more rapidly constricted her this time, tightening his coils with each of her exhales, glancing at one of the magazines on the floor while he did so. Elvira tried to say something but couldn’t, and the coils tightened several more times. Kaa looked at her as every muscle in Elvira struggled for a last breath, then her body relaxed as she passed out, her arm which was free again falling to the floor and her body quivering briefly.

Kaa moved toward her head, and stretching his mouth he began to swallow Elvira, using his coils to inch her body into his expanding mouth and down his throat. More coils fell away from her as less of her body was outside of Kaa, who had some difficulty getting his mouth around the larger parts of her curvaceous form. Being thick rubber he actually had less ability to stretch his mouth, yet also being rubber it just took work to stretch his jaws to almost any size needed. When only Elvira’s lower legs remained Kaa pulled them free of the last coils, tipping her body up to use gravity to help swallow. When her legs were gone Kaa tried to relax as the lump that was his latest meal moved down his body length. When she came to rest near the thickest portion of his bulk, Kaa lowered his head to the carpet, then after a while he burped.


4. As bird’s sang outside her window, Elvira sat up in bed screaming. She was breathing rapidly, her heart pounding in her chest. Quickly she through on her robe and slippers, barely noticing the lights working as she turned them on, and ran down to the living room. There was Kaa, motionless and exactly where she had left him before going to bed. Staring at the strange rubber snake toy for several minutes, she finally noticed that the sun was just coming up as light streamed in through the windows. She couldn’t believe it had all been a dream, yet how else could she be alive. Everything was where it belonged, even the magazines. It had to have been a dream, no other explanation met the facts except those which made no sense.

Elvira kept an eye on Kaa whenever she could as she went to the kitchen. There was no way she could go back to sleep, so she made some coffee, and had a cup with a doughnut. She listened to the radio, the voice of the newsman and cheery music didn’t make her feel any better. Briefly she went outside, the neighbor who ogled her all the time wasn’t there, but the paperboy came around, and nearly crashed his bicycle into the rear end of a car while twisting his neck to look at her. Then Elvira realized that she hadn’t tied her bathrobe, exposing her voluptuous body in it’s somewhat revealing nighty. This morning she couldn’t smile at the situation, just tied her bathrobe, picked up the paper which had been thrown way off target into the bushes, and went back into the house.

A few hours later as noises outside began to grow as people went to work, and still Kaa hadn’t moved, Elvira began to feel a bit braver. Approaching the box she found the address label. It was addressed to a Mildred Jones, at a similar street address on the other side of town. Elvira grew angry, and this began to overcome her fear. That and the fact that Kaa still hadn’t moved, and apparently hadn’t all night pushed her to action. She found the phone number to the delivery company in small print on the label, then proceeded to grab Kaa, and began stuffing him back into the box, not being gentle about it in the process. “Damn stupid rubber snake, give me nightmares will you, I ought to just send you to the dump, or to a tire factory!” Picking up the next heavy segment and dragging it to the box she continued venting her anger, “And as for you J and K delivery, I ought to be suing you for every penny you’ve got!” Then she chuckled, “Of course, I’d be laughed out of court when I told them I was scared by a rubber snake.”

Elvira managed to stuff Kaa into the box, and taped it up nicely with some heavy tape she had. Then she called J and K delivery, told them the problem, and gave them a piece of her mind, without embarrassing herself with telling the details. The man on the phone was quite patient, and he let her drone on and on, then promised to have someone there to pick it up within the hour. He was pleased that she had packed it up, and told her not to bother moving it and the men would do it, unless she preferred they stay out of her house.

Elvira went upstairs, it was barely half past 9 in the morning now. Today was not a work day for her, at least not until she had to show her face around the studio later that day, so Elvira dressed in jeans and a tank top with sandals, planning to add sunglasses and a wide brim hat later to do her grocery shopping. Even with the long black hair and fantastic figure she wouldn’t be recognized by the great majority of people, unless she or someone else made a point of calling it to the attention of others, but she would get her share of appreciative staring.

Elvira hung around the house until the delivery men came, and they apologized for the mixup as she let them in. Once they had the box outside, one man pulled out a clipboard and asked her to sign indicating that they had picked it up. Then Elvira watched them drive off, “I’m glad that’s over, now let’s get things back to normal. I’ve got to decide which movie we run next, ‘Mummyman’s Revenge’, or It Came from the Tar Pit.’.”

Life returned to normal for Elvira for the next few weeks, except for her now regular sleeping difficulty. At least twice a week she woke up screaming from a nightmare. The dreams had one thing in common, in each one somebody died in the coils of a giant snake. Usually it was her, but other times it was someone else. Once she was the jungle queen swinging through the trees, caught and crushed in the coils of a giant python high in the branches. Another time she was an explorer having a snake drop on her from above, and another night being a dark skinned native version of herself caught near the river. Once she even was a lone space scout in a tight silver uniform, with the appropriate 60’s ray gun, attacked and slowly killed in the coils of a strange yellow and brown serpent. When she wasn’t being killed by a serpent she viewed as one will in a dream, while some other person, usually female was crushed in the coils of a giant python or anaconda.

Elvira was determined to ignore it all, passing it off as just stress from the whole incident. She was sure it would pass in time, and all would be as before. One thing kept gnawing at her mind though, that was because later the day she had returned the box, she had found bits of rubber under her fingernails.

The End
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Didn't even know they were remaking this movie, let alone having Scarlett Johansson set to play the voice of KAA lol...

Let the new age era of weird Kaa art commence ... lol

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